Taekwon-do The Theory Of Power

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Hello everybody!! and welcome to the theory of power page. Insure that  you study over and understand every one of the aspects in the “theory of power” as well as  the “training secrets of taekwon-do”. It is one thing to simply read and remember the words for our tests. It’s another to fully understand what is written.

It is said that the average person only really ever uses 10 to 20% of their potential, but  understanding and practicing the theory of power , along with the combining factors of taekwon-do will ensure that you have the  power needed to break the board… and not your hand 😉


Reaction force explanation: Example pull the left hand to the hip  when you punch with the right-hand

Concentration Explanation: The smaller the focal point of your weapon, the more force their will be on a given target. An example would be a slap with the flat of your hand or a strike with the edge

Equilibrium explanation: to have maximum power, you must maintain your balance without balance your power can be easily diverted the center of balance must be straight line midway between both legs

Breath control explanation: controlled breathing is important for a number of reasons. It protects the body against attack and creates more power in your techniques by tightening muscles. It can be turned into a yell to bolster your courage and startle her opponent. It can also affect one’s stamina to speed

mass explanation: use sine-wave and hip-jerk to utilize mass

speed explanation: speed is the most essential factor to create power