ICTF Color Belt Representation

Martial Arts Belts 3The six belt colors in taekwondo, represents the students progress as well as his/her ability and rank. Each belt color has its own set of meanings. And also allow for  the taekwondo student understand their progress as well as their ability and knowledge in taekwon-do.  As you move up the ranks, and acquire your new belt colors you will feel pride in your progress that you are making as a taekwondo student. Below are the belt color representation



10th Gup White belt
Taekwon-do White Belt Representation
Signifies innocence, as that of the beginning student who has no previous knowledge of taekwon-do



yellowbelts8th GUP Yellow Belt
Taekwon-do Yellow Belt Representation
Yellow signifies the seed on the earth from which a plant sprouts and takes root as the taekwon-do foundation is being laid


greenbelts6th GUP Green Belt
Taekwon-do Green Belt Representation
Green signifies the plants growth (The leaves beginning to sprout as the taekwon-do skill begins to develop)


bluebelts 4th GUP  Blue Belt
Taekwon-do Blue Belt Representation
blue signifies a heaven or sky towards which the plant matures into a towering tree as training in taekwon-do progress


redbelts2th GUP Red Belt
Taekwon-do Red Belt Representation Red signifies danger cautioning the student to exercise control and warning others to stay away. it at the same time it warns the wearer to exercise control over the self as he or she has to journey quite a distance to understand taekwon-do


black1st DAN Black
Taekwon-do Black  Belt Representation
Black the opposite of white. Therefore signifying maturity and proficiency in taekwon-do. It also indicates the wares imperviousness to darkness and fear