The meeting resulted in an agreement for them to get together again and that there was a suggestion to form some kind of Federation naming GM Kong as President. GM Kong asked me to be Secretary General of the yet-to-be-named Federation, which I declined.

He called a meeting in Los Angeles which I attended; since having left the ITF under Master Choi. At that meeting a name of World International TKD Federation was suggested but I suggested that if the new Federation was going to follow the art as created by Gen Choi, the name should have Ch’ang Hon incorporated into it.

The name International Ch’ang Hon TKD Federation (ICTF), was then born. GM Kong upon reporting back to the pioneers on the name selection was met with resistance by them since they felt that they did not wish to pay homage to Gen Choi, since Ch’ang Hon was his pen name. The name stayed but none of the pioneers came on board the ICTF.

GM Nam Tae Hi was flown into Las Vegas for another meeting, where GM Kong had then moved from Los Angeles, to have a meeting with us. GM Nam, at the split of all ITFs, had been contacted to join them but turned all of them down.

GM Kong then asked me to explain to GM Nam the purpose of the ICTF and to then ask him to be ICTF Honourary President, which after my explanation of the ICTF goal to maintain all the principles as written in the encyclopedia, he agreed to be Honourary President.

Much time was spent putting together a Constitution and then in October of 2003 in Edmonton, Canada, then resulted in the first ICTF Congress (AGM) electing as their first officers for a 4 year term, GM Nam Tae Hi- Honourary President, GM Kong Young Il- President, Master Mel Steiner- Executive V.P, Master Kim Mu Won-Secretary General, Master Joe Cariati -Vice President, Mr. Emil Ropac- Treasurer.

At a separate meeting in 2005 Master McNeely was asked to be ICTF Vice President by GM Kong, but he turned it down as he only wished to be ICTF member only, and not get involved in the politics.

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