ICTF History


Formation of the ICTF
Twenty dedicated people attended the First Congress in St. Albert, AB Canada on October 24 and 25, 2003 to ratify the constitution of the International Ch’ang Hon Taekwon-Do Federation. Provisional chairmen were elected to take stewardship of committees with appointed tasks due November 30, 2003.

ICTF History
It is said that “history is written by the victor” and as such, I feel that those who were there from the beginning and still there, should share their experiences as to how the International Ch’ang Hon Taekwondo Federation (ICTF) came to be, in order to keep the records straight.

Since the early 80s, I had made acquaintance with Master Giovanni Rosario, through an instructor we had had in common at the time. In 2002, I met several of the Ch’ang Hon pioneers at a funeral memorial service for Gen Choi held in Toronto, Canada, one of whom was GM Kong, Young Il. Present at the service was Master Cariati, and Master Stanley, among many others, all of whom were in the ITF as headed by then Master Choi, Jung Hwa.

Master Rosario came to train with me in order to become updated and mentioned that he had been in search of his original instructor from Puerto Rico with whom he had lost contact: GM Kong. He then flew out to California to renew acquaintances with him. Upon his return to Florida, Master Rosario attempted to convince GM Kong that we should get together for some common cause, and flew him in to Miami to meet with me.

GM Kong then contacted me after returning back to California, that there was going to be a first meeting of pioneers in California (Nam Tae Hi, C.K Choi and others), and would I be able to come; I chose not to go.
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