About Atlantis Taekowndo

atlantis training hall terrace bcAtlantis  introduction
instructors Atlantis tae kwon do are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in the martial arts of taekwon-do founded by Gen. Choi hong hi. We welcome you to come and learn the most popular martial art in the world taekwondo. Not only will you develop skills that will last a lifetime, but you also have fun doing it.

How the club works

The environment in the Atlantis taekwon-do it is a relaxed and structured one. Mr. Skog is a hands-on instructor/trainer, who encourages his students  to have fun  while reaching there full potential.  The Class are 90mins, the first 45 minutes of class is a workout, aimed at injury prevention. Each exercise is specifically  aimed at enhancing one of the key movements or techniques of taekwon-do. The other half is instruction on either self-defense, sparring or patterns

At Atlantis taekwondo we believe that a student who is no longer learning is a student no longer living, we are continually making the teaching better in providing our students with knowledge that we have accumulated over the years. Our instructors attend several seminars every year to expand their knowledge. The Atlantis do-jang  is the largest in Terrace BC at approximately 1000 ft.² With this amount of space the possibilities are endless as far as activities and training drills.

No matter what the classes start time, it is wise to show up at least 10 min. early. This will allow you plenty of time to be ready for the internal bowing. Unless there is good enough excuse for being tardy, there will be various penalties issued for an example push-ups and squats etc. the student handbook is your guide to training and understanding the curriculum put in place by your instructors. Inside is all the necessary information you will need passing each and every belt test. It is mandatory for every student, yellow stripe and up to have a book. Please take care of your book and do not lose it.

Cody Skog atlantis tkd The instructor Cody Skog

Mr.Skog has been in  taekwon-do for 10 years and is currently a forth degree black belt. He has  achieved several medals with the most recent  ones being in the ICTF world championships  held in London.  Mr. skog brought home silver in sparring and bronze in his patterns.Mr. skog  has taken seminars with Master Craig Stanley, who is currently an 8th degree black belt Master. Craig Stanley  has trained with the founder of taekwon-do himself  “General  Choi Hong hi”